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Testimonials by Hairy Poppins' Clients

I had only ever entrusted my daughter to look after my extremely timid cat Amber before, until I discovered Hairy Poppins. Novella has looked after Amber on a number of occasions now and has been very sensitive to her temperament, never forcing the issue when Amber chose to be anti-social and hide away for the first few visits. Now that she’s used to Novella and has realised she’s there to love and care for her, Amber looks forward to her daily visits while I’m away. Knowing that my “little girl” is so well cared for is such a weight off my shoulders and receiving daily messages on her progress just reassures me even more.  Hairy Poppins offers a very professional service with a wonderfully human touch. I would highly recommend Hairy Poppins Pet Nannies to anyone.

Jane Barnard

The Ponds

Just a quick note to express how thankful David and I are of all the love you gave to our boys while we were away for the weekend. 

We have never left them before with someone they did not know, but they fell in love with you straight away and never wanted you to leave. Thank you for looking after them as well as we do and for giving them as much love and attention as they receive from us. We will definitely use your services in the future and I would highly recommend you to anyone else.  
Tara and David Gleig

Castle Hill

As the owners of a dog who is really part of the family, Hairy Poppins has been a fabulous discovery!

Upon meeting Novella we were instantly impressed with her professional attitude, attention to detail and obvious affection for animals.
During our time away Novella cared for our dog perfectly, providing everything from meals to playtime. With optional daily updates we were pleased to hear that Soda was happy whilst we were away. In fact, we think she was a little sad to see Novella go!

From now on we can travel away from home with peace of mind, knowing always that our dog will be in the safe and caring hands of Hairy Poppins. I would heartily reccommend Hairy Poppins to all my family and friends.

Serena Nelson


We just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of Cody, Kaasha and Milly at such short notice so we could go away for the weekend.

You did such a fantastic job, our babies looked so happy when we arrived home and it gave us peace of mind knowing that they were being very well taken care of.

Thank you once again, we look forward to using your services again in the near future.

Danny and Jane Baldwin

Box Hill

Just a quick email to thank you for looking after Diesel & Salem so well while we were away.

Diesel especially seemed very happy and relaxed when we got back whereas normally he would be quite jittery from not being walked for a few days. Thanks again and we will definitely use your services again next time we go away.

Becky Takacs


A huge "Thank You" to you, Novella.

Holidays and business trips are so much easier now.  I have complete peace of mind knowing that my fur children are receiving the best care when you dog-sit. Finn and Pip absolutely love you.  Pip is easy, but Finn can be hard work.  You manage his quirkiness with ease. It is such a pleasure to return home after a long trip to two happy woofies.

Shari Mitchell

Baulkham Hills

We have been using Hairy Poppins for a couple of years now. It is a great comfort to know that our "kids" Timmy and Molly can stay in the comfort of their own home whilst we’re away. Novella provides us with daily updates so we have reassurance knowing that everything is going well at home. We have absolutely no hesitation in leaving them under Novella’s care knowing we’ll come home to happy & healthy pets.

Kelly and Simon Leplaw

Quakers Hill

I just wanted to express how extremly grateful i am having found you, Novella. Over the past few years you have taken such great care of our German Sheppard, Lennox, who can be a little excitable and head strong at times. I know we can go away on holidays or even just over the weekend and have peace of mind that Lennox is in the comfort of his own home and is recieving not just visits for feeds, but walks, playtime and love and cuddles. The little extra's that you also provide by feeding of our birds, and the daily updates you can provide through text messages make our life so much easier. I have and will again, happily recommend you to family and friends. Thanks again for everything.

Sam, Dave and Lennox Heath

Seven Hills

We've used Hairy Poppins Pet Nanny service to care for our cat, Kiyoshi, each time we've been on short trips in the past two years. It is wonderful to have peace of mind knowing that while we're away, someone is caring for him in his own home with his own things around him.

He loves Novella's visits, and it's obvious how much Novella enjoys the work she does and loves the animals she works with.

With Hairy Poppins watching over him, we can trust Kiyoshi is safe and sound, and that we'll always come home to a calm and happy cat.

Tara and Matt Vizintin​

Baulkham Hills

We have been using Hairy Poppins for over two years and highly recommend it! Nothing is too much to ask of Novella... not only does she take excellent care of our two dogs and two cats, but she also makes sure our hermit crabs, fish and leaf insects are well looked after.

Nikki Bilbrey

Castle Hill

Hairy Poppins has been taking care of our precious cat, Oscar, while we have been traveling for work or on holidays for over 2 years. When we return home he is always happy and purring - we have tried boarding him in the past but he was always distressed, being out of his own environment. Having Novella take care of Oscar in our home provides great peace of mind for us - we know that Oscar is being cared for and someone is also keeping an eye on our home for us.

Janet and Keith Jackson

Baulkham Hills

I would happily recommend Hairy Poppins for looking after your loved ones. It has been great to come back home to to my boy Jasper and see him so happy and calm. Thank you Novella for looking after him so well. Novella's approach with Jasper was impressive and very professional, especially as Jasper takes a while to get used to new people. Novella was patient, friendly and very positive.... and now she has become part of Jasper's "pack". :-)

Farzeen Chowdhury


We discovered Hairy Poppins Pet Nannies 3 years ago and will not leave our pets with anyone else. Novella has a natural understanding of the individual temperaments and personalities of our pets - dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, they all love her. When we are away we always feel confident that all their needs, including medication and special diets, will be taken care of and that we will return to relaxed and happy pets.

Sarah Clark

Baulkham Hills

Hairy Poppins has been a blessing  to 'Bling' and me; travelling frequently with work meant that he was constantly going into boarding which clearly stressed him and left him 'out of sorts' for days after coming home.  Now he stays at home, takes over my bed, leaves fur everywhere and  is is 100% happy in doing so, which I'm very grateful for.   When I'm away I often get a text from Novella letting me know how he's going, and it's such a reassuring thing, a great comfort. Additionally the assurance of having someone checking the house is a wonderful bonus!

Alan Harris


We just wanted to express our biggest thank you to Hairy Poppins Pet Nannies for continuously taking care of our two beautiful fur babies, Curtys and Symon. From looking after them at short notice to assisting us in finding Curtys when he went missing, nothing has ever been too much trouble and Novella has always acted with high professionalism. When Curtys was diagnosed with diabetes, it was very comforting to know that Novella was able to give Curtys his injections and other medication. Our cats are very much a part of our family and it is so reassuring to know that both of our cats are always well looked after and around someone who adores animals. When we return home they are always relaxed and very happy.
Lauren and Alan

Baulkham Hills

A big and grateful thank you to Hairy Poppins for looking after my fur-babies Lani and Ruben over the last year!  We are so glad we found you!  It gives me peace of mind when I travel, that Lani and Ruben have someone caring for them, feeding them and playing with them. Novella always sends me messages and lets me know how they are going and she genuinely cares about their well-being. I would highly recommend Novella and the rest of her team to any other pet owners.
Kelly Priestley


We are very grateful for the care that Annie provided to our cat whilst we were away. Daily updates through emails with photos during our recent prolonged  trip overseas provided us with much needed peace of mind and comfort. We are so happy that we found Hairy Poppins! Travelling has been a headache for us in the past as our dear cat was getting older, but not any longer. We feel safe and comfortable knowing that he can stay at home during our absence, with Annie's supervision and loving care.
Tanya & Alex Tarnopolsky


Our much loved furry cat Valentino could not be happier with the quality of care and attention he gets from his special friend Novella at Hairy Poppins. She provides an excellent service and peace of mind to us whenever we go away on holidays or just for a weekender. If you're looking for a reliable, friendly, caring nanny for your much loved pet, stop looking - you've found it.

Andrew and Narelle

Pennant Hills

Hairy Poppins has been fantastic while looking after our baby "Mursha". Novella does everything we ask and more, plus texts us everyday to let us know how Mursha is getting along. We couldn't ask for a more reliable pet sitter. We definitely would and will recommend Hairy Poppins to everyone.

Darren and Danelle Burns

Kellyville Ridge

Novella has taken care of our ageing four-legged babies for several years now. She is very kind and understanding towards them and is more than happy to accommodate their special needs . We are so lucky to have found someone like her! Novella is the only person we have trusted to look after them.

Janette & Matt

Beaumont Hills

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